My Original Weight Loss in 2006

I originally started the Changemaker Weight Loss Plan in late February, 2006. From then until the first week in May, 2006, I lost 25 pounds that I had been trying to lose for 10 years. After the 3-5 day modified fast, all my cravings disappeared. I taught myself to recognize physical hunger and to listen to my emotional hunger. I started finding ways to gentle myself through those emotional hunger times. Many times, water is all I need to feel full and satisfied.

Chocolate is something I enjoy most days. Sugar-free hot chocolate at the end of the day was often my reward for a job well done that day. I also keep chocolate covered ice cream bars (110 calories). If  I had more than one, I didn’t eat them for awhile. By testing my limits, I was able to gradually add many foods.

The secrets are: (1) shrink your stomach–all stomachs are about the size of our fist so that is the quantity we should be eating, (2) learn to be satisfied with much smaller portions, (3) use liquids to satisfy emotional hunger–water, hot soups, no sugar coffee, flavored water, hot chocolate, etc., and (4) find the foods that you enjoy and that help you to live a healthy life. Weight loss can only happen by determination, commitment and patience.

From the beginning of May until July 20, 2006, I allowed myself to introduce many different foods to see if I experienced a weight gain. If I weighted a few pounds more, I didn’t disregard it, but instead, I cut back for the next few days. Then once I was weighting what I wanted to weight, I started adding more different foods.

July 20, 2006, I started my second phase of losing weight. In the past 10 days, I have lost another 2 pounds. So my total weight loss to date is 25 pounds since the end of February. My goal is to lose 15 more pounds. By continuing to be patient with myself and the weight loss process, I keep focused on enjoying each day.

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