My Weight Loss Beginning Again

By Pink Sherbet

I have six blogs all with different topics. What I have done is to write this post listing the main links to the topic of weight loss and exercise. I personally believe you shouldn’t do them at the same time. Getting your food intake under control is the most important beginning. I lost 25 pounds two years ago on my high energy diet. But I gained fifteen pounds  back because:

  • I quit weighting myself.
  • I quit measuring food. The food that definitely has to measured are the foods we least want to measure.
  • I believed because I quit drinking alcohol in 1976 and cigarettes in 1988 that I could begin eating the foods that I have little self-control over.
  • I thought I was too “smart” to let my food choices interfere with my personal happiness. Not surprisingly, I started AA as an “expert” on how to drink. That didn’t last long. I love the long silence in a 12 step meeting after you have said something stupid. I learned to listen to the silence and to stay away from those who piped up and agreed with me.

Before you begin your new food plan:

1.  Before you begin any weight loss plan, clear out your home of all the foods that are high calories with low food nutrition.

2.  Read all food labels.

3.  Count your food intake by calories in order to keep your daily plan positive.

4.  Allow yourself 1200-1500 calories. Knowing ahead of time which time of the day you are more likely to cheat, always have on hand high fiber drinks or foods. I am currently using Crystal Light Hunger Satisfaction. You can use it in 16 ounces of water. It has 30 calories per packet and 5 grams of fiber daily.

5.  Keeping a calorie journal for the first week helps to keep you accurate.

6.  Always include 30-35 grams of fiber.

7.  Prepare yourself for your new food plan:

Are you ready to begin losing weight?

Check your commitment

List of 100-200 calorie foods

The basic foods I use

Salads from the food network

Use these fiber links to feel full

High Energy Food Plan:

High energy diet basics

My basic high energy diet 1

My basic high energy diet 2

My basic high energy diet 3

My basic high energy diet 4

My basic daily exercise plan:

Fitness is best as a daily habit

Keeping track of your progress

One comment

  1. Good luck! A great way I’ve found to keep eating health is to use the power of small. Take your diet one day at a time. Don’t think of how many pounds you want to lose- just make a conscious decision to eat each meal well.


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