Change Your World Links 2

Our world is changing in very positive ways. One of the biggest movements in 2008-2009 is the growing amount of organizations and individuals who want to help to improve the world. Some of these groups are:

Massive Change project explores the legacy and potential, the promise and power of design in improving the welfare of humanity. It originated as collaboration between Bruce Mau Design and the Institute without Boundaries in which we researched the capacities and limitations of human efforts to change the world for the better. The Change Your World Tour will present 300 future-focused proactive global concert expo events that will change the way people live.

Ninth Floor Project was started by Martin Kace. He has been living in a wheelchair for 5 ½ years and has adapted pretty well except for hugs and kisses from his loved ones. Much of his life is back to normal except he finds he takes stem cell politics personally. He thinks about the young people who would most certainly walk again if science were allowed to move forward. Instead they are doomed to live in their chairs while 400,000 embryos are trashed and incinerated every year.

OLPC—one laptop per child—is a potent learning tool created especially for the world’s poorest children living in the world’s most remote environments. The computers won’t be for sale but will only be distributed to schools directly through large government initiatives.

Zerofootprint helps you reduce your footprint by providing information, products and services to the global network of consumers and businesses that wish to reduce their environmental impact. It includes green products, green events and green stories. Under the ideas section is the zerofootprint challenge. The question: Is it possible to prove that simple ideas can bring massive change?

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