Job Description: Blog Link Cataloger

For several years I have wanted a source that I could use to find specific links about a specific topic. The information tools I currently use are: Google (for pinpointing a specific question); Google Reader (checking on over 600 blogs); Pageflakes (for news and current events plus specific categories); Alltop (my magazine for topics); and Delicious (my bookmarks).  Several of these I can use to search for a topic, but then I have the tedious task of reading the posts and choosing the ones to use. Instead I wanted a one-click solution to finding links about a specific topic.

I have decided to use each of my 6 blogs to catalog relating links for the following main categories. Each post will be about a specific aspect of each of the following categories:

(1)  Changemaker: Reinventing Yourself— Link lists for spiritual/religion/spiritual practices

(2)  Answers By Email: Changemaker Personality Test—Link lists for finding your passion/career/work/employment

(3)  Changemaker Groups—Link lists for social networks/facebook/twitter/myspace

(4)  Changemaker Library—Link lists for social issues/causes

(5)  Healing for You–Link lists for lifestyle choices/voluntary simplicity/sustainable living/homeschooling

(6)  High Energy Goals—Link lists for health/wellness/fitness/food/diet/exercise

I am beginning this new adventure of being a blog indexer today, Jan. 19, 2009. I hope that my service may be an aid to your life online.

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