Keeping Track of Your Progress

Keep the results of the following in your food/exercise journal and redo the results every 4-6 weeks

Check with a doctor before beginning

Measurements: waist, chest, hips, upper and lower arm and leg

Waist measurement: men-more than 40 and women-more than 35 considered to be health risks

BMI (Body Mass Index) at risk at 25-35

Measure for the following:


Physical fitness

Knee push-ups-how many push-ups can you do


1 mile walk—count your heart rate before you begin. Place your fingers on the side of your neck. Count the pulses in 15 second intervals and multiply this number by 4.

After the walk-take your heart rate before you begin. Write it down and complete your walk. After the walk, write down how long the walk too. Also record your heart rate and record it also.

Heart rate can also be measured quickly by taking your pulse for six seconds and adding a zero to your pulse.