Goalsetting Tips and Getting Organized

The following tips are from Success 77:

Introduction to 77 Goal Setting Tips – including study that showed goal setters were huge winners and how to avoid an early death after retirement

Goal setting overview – What you will find in 77 goal setting tips

Goals setting basicsTips 1-11 to help you develop a roadmap for creating the life of your dreams

Basics of goal setting II Tips 12-21 to help you create a goals overview

Goal Setting and Self appreciation or self acceptance – Tips 22-24 are about loving yourself which is one of the secrets of goals success

Commitment and courage – Tips 25 to 34 cover the magic force that makes the difference

Visualization and guided imagery can help with setting goals – Tips 35-39 show you how wishes can become reality

Intuition and hunches – Tips 40-43 explore the magic of your unconscious

Creative tools for goal setting – Tips 44-52 cover the lighter side of goal setting with the wild, wacky, fun and outrageous

Resistance and procrastination – Tips 53-58 help you to find ways to identify and overcome these goal stealers

Releasing attachment – Tips 59-67 reveal a little known goal setting secret of the greatest teachers

Persistence and patience – These tips, 68-71 help you with essentials for following through when the going gets tough

Bonus goal setting tips 72-77

Jay White at dumblittleman recommends 7 secrets to getting organized. I know many of us can identify with the out-of-control feeling we sometimes get in life. He lists as a solution:

  1. Reduce before you begin organizing.
  2. Write it down now, always.
  3. Have one inbox and process it. (Maybe two–home and work.) Process it or them daily or weekly.
  4. A place for everything.
  5. Put it away now.
  6. Clean as you go–(really helps when cooking.)
  7. Develop routines and systems.