We Teach What We Most Want to Learn

For many years, I’ve noticed that what I study next presents itself. With the wonderful help of Google Reader, we can easily keep on track of our current interests. I will on Mondays be giving a short summary of the blogs I read that contain a common topic.

Today’s topic is gratitude.

(1) Kimba: Although I’ve lived in Florida and Cuba for 31 years, few nature photos are prettier than a fresh snowfall. The photo with the accompanying Bible verse helps to start the day in an attitude of gratitude.

(2) Emily: Finding gratitude for our loved ones is beautifully described by Emily in “The Stillness of a Saturday Morning”.

(3) Alan and Vanessa: In this “Just do something nice for somebody else”, we reconnect with how helping someone else reminds us to be grateful for the surge of joy we receive when helping others.

(4) Akemi: Akemi offers her Online Gratitude Journal Holiday Edition #20. In this post, written Dec. 24, 2008, she expresses gratitude for being snowed in in Portland. During her confinement, she was able to be grateful for every day treasures.

(5) Daniel Scocco: I am grateful continually for all the help, support and knowledge that other bloggers share so freely. Today I am grateful to Daily Blog Tips for “56 Internet Goals to Get You Inspired for a Great 2009”. This post is meaningful to me because it taught me a new way to do posts that feature other bloggers’ posts. He gives the author credit at the beginning of the post by including the author’s  name and then including a short excerpt or comment about the post. I liked this method so well, I will use it for my Monday posts.

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