Some Links I Enjoyed This Week

Great photos of Barack Obama–From the big picture at

Cordiva is always great, but I especially liked her “The Most Important Lesson I learned as a Community Manager”.

Check out the creator of the WP theme I use (also Sara of Tampa uses it)–he is Vladamir Prelovic and the theme is “Amazing Grace”.

Darren Rowse has a new blog and is posting about the fun and joy of creating something new. It is called TwiTip and is about Twitter, of course.

David Seah, a writer I always enjoy, has discovered¬† C. S. Lewis’s The Four Loves. It is one of my favorite books of all time and teaches us the differences among agape, storge, phila and eros love.

ReadWriteWeb has “Online Tools for Career Discovery and Job Search.” Excerpt from the site:

“We recently launched a new product, Jobwire, to track who has been hired for new jobs in tech and new media. In this week’s episode of RWW Live, to be broadcast live at 3.30pm PST Monday (6.30pm EST), we will discuss the state of online tools for career discovery and job searching. We have executives from Path 101, Indeed and Simply Hired joining us.”

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