Shelter From the Storm

The Summer 2008 issue of O At Home includes information about four solutions for housing for the New Orleans area destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

1. Brett Zamore for Architecture for Humanity, $135,000. With $33,000,00 fro Oprah’s Angel Network, this organization set up shop in Biloxi, Mississippi, and attracted 250 volunteers who helped residents rebuild or replace their homes. Plans for a 1,415 sq. ft. shotgun//dogtrot home by Zamore (the one pictured is called the ParkerHouse} are among seven blueprints free at

2. Graft for Make It Right, $150,000. The 1,028 home is a collaboration between Graft, the Berlin-based architecture firm and Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation which aims to erect 150 homes by 14 architects in New Orleans’s Lower Ninth Ward. All 14 firms will share their blueprints for free which you can see at To request Graft’s plans, call 323-441-9610.

3. Marianne Cusato for Lowe’s, $120,000. After Cusato designed the award-winning Lowe’s Katrina Cottage in 2006, she and four of her colleagues added 18 more homes to the line, ranging from 308 to 1,807 square feet. Buy the plans for this 697-square-foot, two-bedroom charmer for $700. at, or purchase both plans and materials (about $40,00 for the model pictured) at any Lowe’s store.

4. Looney Ricks Kiss for Mississippi Alternative Housing, $50,000. Over 2,000 families in Mississippi ditched their FEMA trailers for the featured 400 sq. ft. cottage thanks to Viking Range CEO Fred Carl, who convened a dozen architects to create a better option. To buy one fully installed, call 574-293-6507 in the Northeast, 817-478-5551 in the West, and 877-747-9800 in the South.

In the back of the issue, O At Home also recommends these three ways to help rebuild the homes and lives of those uprooted by Hurricane Katrina. (1) Make It Right Foundation–your money can buy everything from non-toxic paint ($25) to an energy-efficient, three-bedroom home ($150,000) at (2) Architecture for Humanity–a $100 gift will feed and house volunteers–like the ones who’ve been helping out in East Biloxi, Mississippi at (3) Finish the Job–6,600 families in Mississippi still need help and projects continue for 8,900 more. Just $1 from every American would do it at

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