Our Healing Ministry Team

I have been collecting links for over 10 years. I have organized them by topic in individual folders. Needless to say, this is a clumsy and time-consuming hobby. So I started a few years ago to look for other methods. What I do works for me. I put them on “my team” and rotate publishing them on my main blog, Changemaker: Email Counseling.

Shepherds Care Publishing

Books on God’s Healing Power over Sexual Abuse, SRA, MPD and Evil

Bloomingto n Youth Groups

Evangelism That Works

See how other churches are sharing Christ. Free video

Learn How to Restore Yourself Lessons From The Americank Monk

Free books for ministry

Looking for free ministry resources for your Christian ministry?

Vision Life Ministries

Problems, Need Answers, Free Test Spiritual Guidance Books & Seminars

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