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Many wonderful websites are devoted to helping Christians study, memorize or read Bible passages. My favorite site is I like it best because you can do a word search, a Bible passage lookup, and, my favorite, topical verses. I have always enjoyed Bible topic study. As a child, I loved the Bible passage searches in Sunday school.

The topic page for Biblelookup is divided into: attitudes and emotions; relationships; Christian’s faith; sin and temptation; future and prophecy; topics A-Z; God, Jesus and angels; search the Bible; money and possessions; software for PCs; miscellaneous; and contact information.

Other Christian resources websites are:

Bible Reading Plans : HEARTLIGHT®

International Bible Society :: IBS Home Page

If you are looking for a specific Bible verse

Daily Devotionals and Bible Verses ::

Blue Letter Bible

Software downloads

BiblePromise: Scripture Verses for your Daily Bread — bible verse, bible verses, scripture verse, scripture verses, promise, promises, Bible verse, Bible verses, Scripture verse, Scipture verses, daily verse

Bibles, Christian Clip Art, Bible Study Software, Christian Magazines, Christian Books and more for FREE Audio Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, and Bible study tools.

Rebels with a cause

Bible Topics – What The Bible Says About… – Topical Bible Index

Well-Known Biblical Events :: Sort by Description, Biblical Order or Book of the Bible

images for the computer in the bible class – Bible Study Tools Using the Bible Gateway on your website A searchable online Bible in over 35 languages and 50 versions.

Sermon Search

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