High Energy Foods

I have learned which foods I like that are 100-200 calories a serving. I measure by calories only to keep myself honest about the quantity I am eating. I use cup measures for all dry food I eat.

I found the vegetable I love to be the “star” or main staple of my food program. For me, it is a sweet potato microwaved with oleo and 2 tsp. of brown sugar (30 calories for the sugar). I get average—not huge—potatoes and count each one for 300 calories.

For my protein staple, I found Tuna Creations in the flavor fresh pouch on the grocery shelves. I eat the whole package as it is and especially love “Sweet and Spicy” and Zesty Lemon Pepper”. I count each pouch at 300 calories. I also use Dannon Light and fit yogurt (90 calories for a whole cup). I use all types of beans but only eat ½-1 cup as they are high in calories.

I love apples. My favorites are Fuji (from Japan), Pink Lady (cross between Golden Delicious and Lady William), Cripps Pink (from Australia), and Cameo (from Washington). I’ll eat Gala (from New Zealand) or Golden Delicious (from West Virginia—my home state) if nothing else is available. The best apples come from the state of Washington. Each apple I count as 100-150 calories.

Progresso soups are great for fillers or snacks as well as the first course. The new Progresso soup line includes 25 types of soup with a serving size of ½ the can at 100 calories. I eat the whole can and count it at 200 calories.

One slice of toasted 12 grain Pepperidge Farm bread with cherry jam I count as 150 calories.

I love rice and beans so once a week I make a package of Goya Rice and Beans and eat some each day.

I cook at home every night. Neither my husband or I care to go out to eat. He is thin and likes a full meal in the evening so I cook for him with a small side plate for me—300 calories worth.