Fruit and Fiber

In the Journal of American Dietetic Association for June 2006, a study by Dr. Jaimie N. Davis of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles found that the normal-weight adults ate more fruit and fiber daily than overweight adults. Davis’s team used 60 food items and measured body fat, physical activity levels, and a questionnaire to determine food use.

The normal-weight adults ate 43% more complex carbohydrates and 33% more fiber. One of the big ways that complex carbohydrates are so good for everyone is that they continue a full feeling because they are slowly digested.

In the notes published by Davis’s study team, the team noted that the public is still attracted to limiting carbohydrates while increasing protein and/or fat. However, there are no long-term studies that this is an effective way to lose weight.

In the high Energy Diet Plan, the daily food recommended is the sweet potato (complex carbohydrate), fruits (complex carbohydrates), and salad ingredients (complex carbohydrates). At the same time, eating the potatoes, vegetables, and the fruit with the skins on add to the daily recommended 25-30 grams of fiber.

Once anyone switches to the High Energy modified fast of 3-5 days, most food cravings go away. Also, after the 3-5 days when the weight loss will begin, introducing other foods slowly to the daily consumption will help her/him will help to determine foods that help lose weight and the foods that help to gain weight.