2nd Phase of Weight Control

Today I begin the second phase of losing weight. From the end of February, 2006 until the beginning of May, 2006, I lost 20 pounds while using the Changemaker Weight Loss Plan. I wanted to lose weight in several stages to see if I had a weight gain when I started eating more calories.

So, today, October 1, 2007, I begin my second stage to lose 20 more pounds. I keep tempting foods to a minimum at all times. I weighted myself daily throughout the two months interval to make sure that I wasn’t regaining any weight. I begin today the modified fast that the Changemaker Weight Loss Plan recommends by only eating fruit and/or Dannon Light ‘n Fit (Vanilla at 80 calories for a whole cup or Strawberry at 100 calories for a cup). I make sure to have available several choices of fruit.

For lunch (from 12 pm to 3 pm depending on when I am physically hungry), I will have a sweet potato (microwaved for 5-6 minutes). On the sweet potato, I use dark brown sugar (15 calories per teaspoon) and Land ‘o Lakes Fresh Buttery Taste spread (80 calories per tablespoon). I count the potato with the margarine and sugar as 300 calories. I use really large potatoes as this meal is the main meal of the day.

Beginning in the morning, I use 6 8 oz. water bottles and alternate them in the freezer for how ever long it takes for ice to begin to inside the water bottle. If I allow the bottle to totally freeze, I have to put it in the refrigerator to partially thaw out. The reason I use 6 bottles is to keep my supply of icy water available at all times. Water is so vital not only for health purposes, but also because it helps to satisfy my thinking that I am hungry when I’m not physically hungry.

Many times the hunger impulse comes because we need water instead of food. If you feel that impulse, be sure to have a cold, icy bottle of water handy.

If you are sure that the hunger impulse in not satisfied by water (be sure to always try water first), have a piece of fruit. Some days after I have been on the modified fast for several days, I will be physically hungry when I get up. Then I have the yogurt with the fruit.