Second Born

Description of second born: Tend to be competitive, social and the peacemaker. They make good negotiators.

Strengths of being second-born: Well adjusted—social—great compromiser—peacemaker—extremely loyal

Weaknesses of being second-born: Avoid confrontation—hide their feelings—feel inferior to others

To overcome limitations, use the following suggestions to make affirmations: To make affirmations powerful: state them in the present tense only, be positive, be specific, begin with “I”, state the affirmation as if it were already accomplished to avoid wishful thinking, and keep them free from condemnation or criticism.

For example, say “I am free of fear.” Not”I’d like to be free of fear.” If you have a belief in God or a Higher Power, use that belief in your affirmations.

Avoid focusing on one narrow solution. Instead open yourself up to the solution for the greatest good of all concerned.

Affirmations have the power to replace years of negative thinking. Combining affirmations with creative imagery gives anyone the ability to create positive transformations in her/his life.