Birth Order References


Websites with good birth order material:

1. This site has references for each of the general development stages for children. It also includes specific characteristics for children in reference to birth order

2. A book about birth order and its affects on families is Born to Rebel: Birth order, family dynamics, and creative lives by Frank Sulloway (1997). New York, NY: Pantheon Books.

3. Elizabeth Vogel (2000) has a series of books about children and birth order.

Dealing With Being the Oldest Child in Your Family. Powerkids Press.

Dealing With Being the Middle Child in Your Family.Powerkids Press.

Dealing With Being the Youngest Child in Your Family.

Powerkids Press.

4. Dr. Kevin Leman’s books include: The Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are (2004). He has also written separate books for the first-born child, middle child and the youngest child. All his books are available through Amazon and include Living in a Step-family Without Getting Stepped on Helping Your Children Survive the Birth Order Blender.

‘There are many exceptions to birth order, so the numerical place in the family may not correspond to the psychological birth order. When there is a discrepancy, we must use the psychological rather than chronological birth order.’

‘Things to know about Birth Order:

Each birth order personality is distinct, not a blend.

In large families, birth order repeats first through fourth born

Exceptions occur so that personality may not match birth order position in the family

Birth order personality is established by age two for most children.

Birth order does not change once it is established.

Birth order results from coping with a life situation, not from programming by parents.

Birth order personality affects every area of life.

Birth order personality includes strengths and weaknesses.’

Excerpt from by Cliff Isaacson.