Recovery Links II

Twelve step recovery links include:

(1)  Twelve Step Cafe This site has many resources for the recovering person and includes a page of twelve step web rings. A web ring is a series of web sites with a common theme.

(2) The Recovery Resources organization has resources that include personal stories, AA-related links, newsgroups about recovery and support, adolescent substance abuse and online AA meetings.

(3) Offering help with the first step in recovery which is knowing that you have a problem with alcohol or some other addiction is alcoholism treatment. This site offers good direction for a family member who may be unaware of how to approach addicted family members.It also has good tips on how to have an intervention which should always include and experienced outside member. Site also has recommended books and workbooks.

(4) The Recovery Zone has links to articles for current information about treatment topics. It has a meeting finder that includes national resource directory of links to national self-help organizations. The forums here have a place to reach our for help as well as an opportunity to give help.All kind of discussion groups are represented such as gambling addiction, 12 step discussions, sex addiction and drug addiction.

(5) The directory at Sober Recovery has hundreds of resources for alcohol and addiction facilities including the prescription pill detox, rapid opiate detox clinics using Suboxone and Subutex, medically-managed detox and help for heroin, cocaine, alcohol and crystal meth.The centers range from the medical model, faith-based, 12 step alternatives and more.

(6) Grant Me the Serenity is a beautiful site with daily meditations, affirmations in recovery, books and other gifts of serenity which includes a directory to recovery groups and self-help and mental health resources. It also includes the large group of forums for health/fitness, newcomers, women in recovery, men in recovery, Christians in recovery, motivation and inspiration, anxiety disorders, eating disorders and abuse issues.

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