My Recovery Team 1 — -New Orleans/Gulf Coast Addiction Recovery, Alcohol/Other Drug Related God Help Us Save our People-Temp site during storm, servers lost, see, Contacts, Louisiana organization, networking people for hope, help, responding to urgent needs for support and help, uniting those willing and able to reach those struggling with social ills that have lead to this unbelievable experience of hurricane Katrina. Women in Recovery We are women who have come together to offer support and help to women who are recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction. We have all been down the path of recovery… sometimes more than once, and we understand, as few can, the loneliness, the pain and, the challenges facing women who have had to wrestle with alcohol and drugs. We know that our path to recovery is often different than the path followed by our brothers in recovery, and we are here to aid and support our sisters in recovery. We hope that here, with other women in recovery, you will find a safe home. It Takes A Church…

Musings about Christian Community, the mission of Christ and the life God intended for all of us. By Tod Bolsinger, pastor, author, and neophyte blogger. One of my favorite sites by Rob Waller. His bio includes:” I am a psychiatrist working in Bradford for the NHS and also for the University of Leeds – both in the North of England. My main clinical and research interests are the mental health of university students and computerised cognitive behavioural therapy. I facilitate a network in the Leeds area called MINDandSOUL which explores the overlap between Christian spirituality and mental health – see the site here.” New Beginnings:Hope and Insanity After Rehab Wife. Mother. Daughter. Scrapbooker. Liberal. Zen Kabbalist Tantric Wanna-Be. The moderately insane and often contradictory life of a formerly cynical and spritually bankrupt alcoholic in recovery, and my journey to find balance in life. “Steady the mind and Everything Else Will Follow” The 12 Step Cafe Journal Welcome to the 12 Step Cafe Journal Topics change daily. If you have a topic/subject/quotation suggestion, please email us at Speak out   ….Share that ESH!! These rooms: Alcoholism and Addiction 12 Step Recovery Blog—Sharing messages of spirituality, experience, strength and hope

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