A New Direction

My blog takes on a life of its own from time to time. When I come to a space where I don’t know which direction to take, I go through a period without knowing the new direction. I call this space “letting go”.

Two responses begin to exert themselves in this space: (1) I find myself in fear and panic, or (2) my brain tries to ‘figure out’ what to do next. Neither approach accomplishes anything except to use my energy in a negative way. AA calls the second approach: “the paralysis of analysis.”

When I get tired of spinning my wheels, I relax into the solution. It always seems that the solution was there all along and I am the last to arrive at the party. I relax by doing the next best thing—something unrelated to solving the “problem”. I say next thing so I won’t use any more energy on “the problem”.

The new direction for Changemaker has always been there. What we will be concerned with is change of all types and varieties. I’ve know for several years that all I need to do in life to feel fulfilled is to help others. So I am creating a reservoir for the wonderful opportunities for help with change so that you may choose to help others.

Life is so easy when I do what I love to do. Steve Jobs gave a wonderful commencement address that he titled: “You’ve got to find what you love.” I want to help you find what you love to do.

The topics that I’ll be exploring are: career change, change, diet, exercise, finance, happiness, hobbies, home-based businesses, motivation, productivity, relaxation and work

The RSS reader that I use is Pageflakes. I love it because I can arrange my favorite blogs according to topics. Each topic comes up like the pages in a newspaper with a picture added and 5 posts. The most current post for the day has a short summary.

Pageflacks also has the features of flakes, pagecasts , and people. Clicking on the large round “snowflake” brings these choices to a separate sidebar for the choices you may choose to use. You also have the choices to add your RSS choices and/or create your own pagecasts.

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