Using An Exercise Notebook

Use an exercise notebook to list the results of the following tests throughout your exercise program. One that we recommend is The Ultimate Workout Log by Suzanne Schlosberg.

The tests are:

  • Determining your resting heart rate
  • Your target heart rate zone
  • Your working heart rate
  • Total body weight
  • Dress, pant, and shirt sizes
  • Body fat measurements
  • Push yourself up
  • Abdominal curls
  • Stretching to the ceiling
  • Determining your cardiovascular fitness
  • Taking your measurements

In the book listed above, the recommendations for your program include evaluating how much time you spend on the couch. If you spend more time there than being active, the deconditioned workout routine is recommended.

For the deconditioned workout routine and for the conditioned workout routine, use the following steps:

1) Select your favorite exercises,

2) Determine how many sets and repetitions you want,

3) Determine how much weight for dumbbell you will use,

4) Cardiovascular exercise—your goal should be to reach

your target heart rate zone.

The tips they list for exercise are: squeeze something, hang loose, try aerobic exercise, take a walk, get into the swim of relaxation, don’t let stress give you a pain in the neck, learn and maintain good, antistress posture, work your jaw, and exercise on the job.