25 Diet Food Delivery Services

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25 Diet Food Delivery Services

If someone appeared at my door offering a weeks worth of perfectly portioned meals – I wouldn’t turn them away. I’m lazy in the kitchen and the option of delivered meals is appealing. However, for me personally, it is unsustainable from a cost or practicality point-of-view.

I have been building a list of diet delivery services, and it is growing rather long. The number of providers shows that it is becoming a popular option for many – despite the price.

The quality of food will range right from highly processed microwave food to fresh ‘gourmet’ meals.

Services that deliver to all USA have been highlighted.

UPDATE: Now more than 25 !

  1. 3 Hour Diet at Home
    Delivers all USA – supporting Jorge Cruise’s 3 Hour Diet.
  2. Definitive Reflections
    Delivers London (daily).
  3. Diet Across America
    Despite the name, delivers only to California area.
  4. Diet Delivery
    Delivers daily to Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary.
  5. Diet Gourmet
    Delivers to Texas twice weekly.
  6. Diet-to-Go
    Delivers all USA. Free meal with order.
  7. Diet To Your Door
    Delivers all USA. Recommended. Free meal with order.
  8. DineWise
    Delivers all USA. Offers an incredible amount of options – even down to selecting individual meals.
  9. Fresh Dining
    Delivers LA and Orange County. Even offers a gourmet organic option.
  10. In the Zone Delivery
    Delivers Toronto, LA, and Orange County
  11. Jenny Direct
    Delivers all USA, and Sydney or Melbourne, Australia.
  12. My New Form
    Based in Utah but will deliver all USA. 1000, 1200, and 1600 calorie meal plans.
  13. NutriFit
    Delivers to LA area. Food based on AHA and ADA recommendations. Other options such as Zone, South Beach, Pritikin etc are available.
  14. NutriSystem
    Delivers all USA. Processed foods.
  15. Nutropia
    Gourmet foods (1600-2500 calories) delivered to New York.
  16. RAWvolution
    Raw Food meals – based in LA and NY – will deliver All USA.
  17. Seattle Sutton
    Delivers all USA. See review.
  18. Sunfare
    Zone, Vegetarian Zone, Atkins, and other regimes – delivers to LA, and Phoenix.
  19. The Slim Down
    Delivers LA and New York. Customized diet meals.
  20. The Specialty Gourmet
    Delivers Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary. Supports Zone, Atkins, and Body-for-LIFE.
  21. Zone Chefs
    These guys have a huge amount of alternatives for New Yorkers. – kosher zone, zone for kids, and veggie zone chefs.
  22. Zone Delivery USA
    All USA.

Any corrections/additions – please add to comments. Last updated Jan 2007.