About Changemaker

“It is the courage to be open and loving which is the manifestation of underlying strength and power. And it is only in embracing the possibility that you have a Higher Self that knows how to love, that knows truth within, that is truly powerful, that you can begin to face and dismantle the false beliefs of the protected self, the ego. You can’t begin to look at these and deal with them if you don’t believe there’s anything else. You can never move into the feeling of personal power until you recognize truly that there’s a peaceful place within you that is already there, that doesn’t have to be fixed.” Jordan and Margaret Paul

Our intent in offering this information is that the information will be used to benefit others. Always be aware that persons seeking information about themselves or others may need professional guidance. In fact, we have experienced the terrible toll of living with depression and/or substance abuse. We completely believe in and are grateful for psychiatrists as well as others in the healing professions.

Only psychiatrists and/or medical doctors can prescribe medication for mental health. Psychologists sometimes will tell a patient that the patient doesn’t need medication without being honest with the patient and revealing that they can’t prescribe medication. So it is patient be aware!

Of course, many psychologists will refer their patients to the medical profession for medication. If a beneficial relationship between psychologist and client exists, the client can still be referred to medical doctor for medication only.

Armed with the confidence that doing is learning, anyone who has a compassion for others can help them learn more about themselves. Groups are the recognized best method for people to gain information and acceptance from others. One of the main underpinnings of Alcoholics Anonymous is that all members are peers. Anyone has the opportunity to share and to be heard.

In Changemaker groups, the group leader leads only by getting the group together. By caring for others, the group members can learn as well as teach self-discovery. The group leader/leaders may choose to charge or ask for donations to pay for the meeting room and materials. To lead education groups, Changemaker groups, the only requirement for the business is to have an occupational license to run a business. Changemaker groups are not therapy groups so no other license is required.

Changemaker believes that the patient has to be self-educated about these problems. With the education, the patient/client/customer can then choose his/her medical team. Remember the doctors work for the patient.

When you hire your professional, always receive a free consultation to see how you feel with this professional. At this first meeting, ask the professional for a diagnosis as you would expect from any other medical professional.

Also ask for the plan for recovery; such as, how many sessions may be needed and how much this will cost. If you unable to get any clear direction, be aware that the treatment will probably be long and costly if the professional has no clear direction. Be sure to read our post entitled: “How to Know if You Need Therapy”.

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