My Life Books

Some of the activities I do when I am waiting for God’s direction are: (1) to clean something in my desk and/or home that I was not planning to do (I also find this extremely handy for the times I surrender to anger—the crucial factor is to make it something that isn’t on your to-do list), (2) practice living in the solution and not the problem, and (3) make lists of all the things I’d like to do and the things that need to be done.

Writing out my thoughts and goals in lists has helped me for most of my life. Putting everything down in black and white really puts a more realistic slant on anything. 43 folders has a lot of neat lists and offers ideas galore for organizing.

I have used small notebooks like the journals available today for years. I call them my Life Books as I use them to keep daily to do lists. When moving, I have always had everything I need at the two separate locations in one book. It also is a great reference for using to recall events.

Every place I’ve ever worked I use steno pads for my daily work life. It generally doesn’t take too long for my co-workers to appoint me the go-to person because I keep the work notebook. Many times, my notes have settled conflicts about how something was done or what happened in the work process.

Even though I love all kinds of technical stuff, I use the little lowly steno pad at work because it is non-threatening and isn’t viewed as competition. If along the way I am viewed a secretary, I use that to my advantage. There is nothing like appearing to be less than you are to see the real lay of the land.

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