Kindred Spirits

After 20 years of being online and visiting a lot of websites, I have once in awhile met kindred spirits. The main commonality we have is a willingness to be open to exploring our spirituality. I decided to talk about how we are all connected in that  I believe we are each totally alike and totally unique.

Some of the lives I’ve visited over the years and been interested to continue to visit are:

(1) Kathy Wilson at I have been visiting her site since 2002. She offers life coaching, website solutions, vibrational healing and workshops, classes and teleseminars. She lives in Gig Harbor, Washington. I learned from her that a website can be a collection of interests.

(2) Gordon Atkinson at For several years I didn’t know who he was but I knew I liked his writing and his life. He and I also have experienced depression—one of God’s great gifts to those of us who were asleep. Depression does get your attention. He is a real live preacher in San Antonio, Texas. Jeanene, his wife, sells beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry at gracefull

(3) Rob Waller at He explores Christian spirituality and mental health not only on his blog but also in his professional life. He is a doctor of psychiatry who has managed to stay a real person. He works in Bradford, England. We share a similar interest in spirituality aiding mental health.

(4) Don Iannone at Don Iannone is an organizational change agent and innovation specialist with over 28 years experience in the economic development and higher education fields. He works at Richmond Heights, Ohio and has a great love for Cleveland, Ohio and poetry. I believe the only constant in life is change. He also has many spiritual links you may want to explore.

(5) Steve F. at He works in the non-profit field. His profile includes “late-40-something former telecom corporate data/finance geek and former seminary student. Once I was on the road to ordained ministry; now I’m on the road to finding what else God has planned. A “friend of Bill” since December 1990, a storyteller, sci-fi fan, a former Catholic (and most-valuable-altar-boy), I’m now residing somewhere on the outskirts of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) but I’m really looking for a Meadow place that I can call “home” ”. He works in Chicago, Illinois. He and I are both “friends of Bill” and on the road to find what God has planned for us.

(6) Roldan Smith’s first post—“Where the Elephant Wants to Go” resonates one of my favorite themes—Let Go and Let God. I like the elephant in the equation to remind to remember it is much bigger than I am—God and the elephant. His blog is and is refreshingly diverse. Another great post of his is “Let Go and Let G…g” in which he shares this profound truth (in his words)–“What I learned most profoundly was the power of ALLOWING.  It was when I let go of resistance to what what was (is) in my life and the fears of what I thought I wanted and or needed from God.  It was when I ALLOWED the true essence of myself to come forth in it’s own way, that the flood gates of all that is pure and perfect were (are) able to come through.  Not TO, but THROUGH me.”

(7)  I love On the home page, the site’s direction is explained. “Spiritual Experiences is your source for spiritual and religious experiences, the study of spirituality, religion, enlightenment and teachers. We are interested in stories from readers like you, if you have experienced any kind of inner awakening, personal development, growth or journey, if you had a life transforming realization, an experience of transcendence, an inspiring story or if you have a gift on matters of spirituality, teachings and counseling, please submit it! If you want to have your own profile page, please sign up, it’s free!” I have loved everything I have read there.


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