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High Energy Weight Loss Guidelines

A. You are the best person to create your own weight loss plan.

B. There are no food restrictions placed on you except for those foods that you know you have trouble controlling the amount that you eat at one setting.

C. Every day’s menu must include whole grains, milk, meat and beans, vegetables, and fruits.  Your daily food plan will include a reduction in the number of calories you are presently eating.

D. The only real way to determine how many calories you are using is to have a food journal and faithfully record everything you eat for 5 days. Forget about counting carbohydrates, fat, or anything except calories. Get an average calories consumed for the 5 days by adding each day’s amounts together and dividing by 5.

E. Check the calorie calculator to see how many calories you need to maintain your present weight.

F. If you want to weight less, you will need to consume less. Measuring calories is the most effective way to lose weight.

G. Add exercise—we recommend walking because it can be done wherever you are—in the 2nd week. If you are already exercising, continue.

H. If you’re not exercising, get your food plan straight before adding anything else.

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