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Why I Love and Use Pinterest

7712126764_2a659a2ba3_zMost of my life, I have loved reading home décor/design/decorating magazines. I can’t remember a time during the past 50 years that I haven’t subscribed to 2-3 of them at a time. I’ve had notebooks filled with pages I’ve torn from them and put in plastic sheets so that I could organize the topics of the pictures. Pinterest gives me this same opportunity to this online. BUT it is very hard to keep track of what I love because there is no central way to organize my choices.

So I have developed private, closed blogs on which I have arranged the best boards I have found around a theme. AND I am organizing them by topics. So you will be able to quickly find ideas that appeal to you when you actually want to use those ideas. In order to gain access to the blog, you will pay $25.00 into my PayPal account. When I receive notice that you have paid, I will send you to your email a link granting you access to the blog. Only that link to your email will allow you to use all the boards I have organized there. Although I will continue to add to the blog, there will be no additional cost to you.

A new feature helps you keep in touch with your favorite topics.  My Pinterest site and my Pinterest interests.

Some of my Pinterest boards:

1.  Kathy’s Social Media

2.  Kathy Berman Blog Machine

3.  Garden Getaways

4.  Kathy’s Felt Projects

5.  Kathy Berman Online

6.  Kathy Berman Bedrooms

7.  Kathy Berman Collages

From The Next Web:

There’s really no limit to the kinds of boards you can create. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • Recommend books, movies and music
  • Save your favourite quotes
  • Keep a list of countries or cities you’ve visited or want to visit
  • Keep a list of books, movies and music you plan to check out
  • Create a wishlist – whether it’s gadgets, home decor, fashion – whatever interests you
  • Create a list of your favourite foods
  • Create a board with lifehacks or organizational tools
  • Create a showcase of the best typography or design the web has to offer
  • Gift ideas

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Are You Using Social Media to Attract Recruiters?

7607705630_e73e59a2cd_z98% of recruiters use social media to find new employees.  While resumes rarely reflect your personality, the social media messages you send tell the world what is important to you. We each have a tendency to choose platforms or positions that have meaning for us. So recruiters can get a sense of how you will or won’t fit into a particular job.

From Lindsay Olson by Lindsay

Are Recruiters Looking for You On Social Media?

“Think only your friends are hanging out on Twitter or Facebook? Think again — especially if you’re hunting for your next job.

Employment recruiters are spending more time looking for qualified job candidates on social media, it seems. Because so many professionals are branding themselves as experts on social sites, recruiters are finding it easier to locate people with the skill set they’re looking for.

Here’s the portion of recruiters that are looking for you on social media (Inc. Magazine):

  • LinkedIn: 98%
  • Twitter: 42%
  • Facebook: 33%

Position Yourself to Be Found Through Social Media

For those of you who haven’t put any attention into making your social media profiles a beacon for recruiters to find, Vinda Rao, Marketing Manager for recruiting software company Bullhorn, offers these tips:

  1. Keep your social media profile clean. It does matter: 98% of recruiters used social media for recruiting in 2012, so make sure what they’re finding out about you online is professional and appealing.

  1. Can’t juggle several social media accounts? Focus on LinkedIn. You’ll find more recruiters on LinkedIn than any other social media network. Nearly 100% of recruiters use it, compared to their less frequent activity on Twitter and Facebook.

  1. Are you aiming big or small? Tailor your social networking use to your goal. U.S. recruiters at small companies are less likely to recruit on LinkedIn than big companies, but are more likely to use Facebook or Twitter.

  1. Have some downtime while lounging by the pool or on a long bus ride? Check job opportunities on the go: 53% of recruiters found mobile recruiting technology extremely important.

  1. Your Alma Mater may not matter as much as you think. Fewer than 4% of recruiters say that the name of the school the applicant attended would truly help differentiate her as a candidate.

  1. Depending on what field you studied, research what social network your industry focuses on. Interested in the restaurant or fashion industries, for example? Twitter is your best bet. Security and legal candidates are best suited to search for opportunities on LinkedIn, and those looking for a job in nursing should be perusing Facebook.

Let Your Beacon Shine

The point here is: social media can expand your horizons when it comes to helping you find a job. The more places you look, the faster you’ll secure the position you really want. Make sure you shine on social media, and share a variety of updates and links to show that you know your stuff:

  • Share links to your blog content and promote relevant content of others. Ask questions to get people to click
  • Engage in conversations with other industry professionals
  • Answer questions people have about your field on LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Answers, or hop on Quora and get involved in discussions
  • Retweet relevant content and share your own two cents
  • Share your own insight on a subject, and don’t be afraid to weigh in on topics that matter to a professional in your field.”

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