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Staying Focused When You Don’t Know Your Direction

With the busy lives we live, it is easy to lose your focus. I spend time in the morning thinking over the day to come. I write down 3 goals for the day. I do what I have on the list if it feels right. If I feel a lot of resistance, I try to determine what is behind the resistance.

Finding my way through my own emotions helps me to stay focused. My brand of procrastination takes the form of resistance when I am unsure of the direction I am going. So I have to especially vigilant when change is my direction.

I am in the space now of being unsure. Planning helps keep me centered and focused. I use the focus–then refocus–and finally review at the end of the day.

9 practical ways to help stay focused–written by Steve Martile:

Choose one or two objectives for the year

Create a daily ritual

Do the most important first

Give yourself daily quiet time

Trim the fat and eliminate the noise

Take care of yourself

Visualize daily

Complete everything you start

Develop your will power

Do You Have A Home Office?—by Lisa Hoover:

“One key to staying focused while working at home is to create a dedicated work space that you can turn your back on at the end of the day. While you may not have the space to set aside an entire room as an office, the kitchen table probably isn’t your best bet either. Try to find a nook somewhere that you can use exclusively for work and, more importantly, turn your back on at the end of the day so your unfinished tasks aren’t staring you in the face during your down time.”

18 Ways to Stay Focused at Work—by Dave Cheong:

  1. Write out a daily task list and plan your day.
  2. Allocate time slots colleagues can interrupt you.
  3. Apply time boxing.
  4. Setup filters in your email.
  5. Do not send personal email in the morning.
  6. Set your IM status.
  7. Listen to the right types of music.
  8. Use the headphones but leave the music off.
  9. Fill up a water bottle.
  10. Find the best time to do repetitive and boring tasks.
  11. Bring your lunch and have it at your desk.
  12. Don’t make long personal calls.
  13. Clean up your desk.
  14. Get a good chair.
  15. Use shortcuts on your computer.
  16. Close programs you’re not using.
  17. Limit time on other sites not for work.
  18. Change your mindset and make work fun.

How to Stay focused on Goals—by Colette French:

“Accomplishing goals can be a very challenging task considering all the daily responsibilities that people have. Yet it is something that people realize is very important and must be achieved in order to be a productive person. New goals are set yearly at the beginning of every new year in the form of New Years Resolutions, but many people have a difficult time following through on the new goals they’ve set. There are a few things that people can do to help them accomplish their goals.”

How to Stay Focused on Your Goals—by Wings for the Heart

“One of the biggest challenges of achieving our goals is being able to stay focused long enough to see results. Most of us feel excited and motivated when we first set our goals, and that feeling can carry us along for several days, or even weeks. But then, what happens? We begin to lose momentum. We get scattered, we procrastinate, we lose the fire that once fueled our dreams. And we stop working so hard for what we want, even if we still want it.”

“There can be many reasons for our waning interest, such as not seeing visible progress as quickly as we’d like, so we begin to feel that our efforts are a waste of time. Or we lose sight of what we were working so hard for. Or we feel confused about the steps we need to take to make our dream a reality.”

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Getting Through Downturns

Are you in a rut? If you are experiencing a low period in your life, prepare a list of things to do to get up out of it.

Some of the things that help many people are:

(1) Always have a plan for getting out of a rut. Continual stress without relief can easily lead to depression.

(2) Move to another project to work on if the lag is happening at the office,

(3) Take some time to do something creative and fun. Many times, creativity will help lead us back to our joyful, playful inner child.

(4) Call a trusted friend and vent out the feelings. Be careful to do this once so that the venting doesn’t take the place of real action.

(5) If your stuck place has been going on for awhile, consider hiring a life coach. An objective viewpoint will often offer new ideas or ways to change the situation or solve the problem.

(6) Maybe you need a whole day for yourself to do exactly what you’d like to do. Schedule these mini-vacations often to avoid burnout.

(7) Now is the time to schedule more meetings, call some new possible customers, or write a new marketing plan. Get moving!

(8) Maybe you need a physical jolt of exercise. Try a new sport, ride a bike, go swimming, go to the gym—whatever works for you,

(9) Get outside and get reconnected with nature. Smell the air, check out trees, listen to the birds, walk on new streets, go to the beach, or visit a local park.

(10) Have restorative hobbies such as volunteering, gardening, or fishing. Over time, they become welcome friends to return to over and over.

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