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Tips for Making Good Change Decisions

At different periods of our life, we experience periods of great change. During these periods of change, we need to use a special plan of action to include:

a) Learn to “gentle” yourself during these periods.

b) Gauge your reactions to future events by asking yourself how you feel about this and learn to listen to your feelings. Feelings aren’t right or wrong, good or bad, but are only appropriate or inappropriate. So let your feelings be.

c) Many times we use our energy to try to change or stop what change is coming. Learn to “read” the change that is coming and make early decisions about which part of the change you can accept.

d) Bless what there is for being and let go of the rest.

e) The “blame and shame” game is a total waste of energy. The way to evaluate this is to ask if finding the “culprit” solves the problem. Generally, the answer is no—the rug still needs cleaning, the door is still locked, the work is still undone. Ask yourself is you’d rather be right or be happy.

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Expect Trouble and Hold Your Head Up High

“If I were asked to give what I consider the single most useful bit of advice for all humanity, it would be this: Expect trouble as an inevitable part of life, and when it comes, hold your head high, look it squarely in the eye and say, “I will be bigger that you. You cannot defeat me.” Then repeat to your­self the most comforting of all words, “This too shall pass.” Maintaining self-respect in the face of a devastating experience is of prime importance.” Ann Landers

Recovery is a spiritual journey. I believe we are souls with a human body. On my 40th birthday I decided that I could take it with me. I could take my soul with me when I die. That was my conscious recognition of what would be the main theme for the rest of my life. Having had a spiritual awakening in January, 1977, I have sought to do God’s will for my life since then.

Having said that, I also recognize that many people who need recovery relief in their lives are turned off by spiritual guidance per say. So I have chosen to create an online addiction recovery center as a center for help, guidance, and direction.

In this, my 32nd year of sobriety, and at the present age of 68 years, I am going through the hardest life experience I have ever had. I have decided to use my energy to move forward with my life. So I don’t spend time with any magical thinking to run away from reality. I have no job. I have spent the past four years writing which has culminated in 6 blogs. But I am receiving no income from them.

I have few readers due to many factors, I’m sure. So I am rereading the master bloggers that I read and love (see yesterday’s post “The Best Help”).  From them I learn how to move forward in the blogging world.

One of the suggestions that I read was to combine two ideas together. I noticed several years ago that people who have changed the world with their creativity have combined an old product with a new twist. Ray Croc didn’t invent hamburgers. But he combined hamburgers with a clean environment. Who has not gone to McDonalds for the clean restrooms?

So I am combining my love of learning and teaching about our inner children (mislabeled as our inner child) with solutions for living in the real world. I will be adding healing direction with the problems each of us faces daily. I hope this will help others as much as it will help me.

I learned fifty years ago, if you want to learn about something, teach it. Teaching provides the vehicle for my sharing with the world. Not coincidentally, I have returned to the Twelve Step meetings with a much greater frequency. I know that nothing outside my self can heal me. So I begin the journey to my new self. She is waiting inside me and needs to be extra protected now.

God is good and is my constant companion and guide. I used to feel like I was the clay and He was the potter. Now I feel that I am in the stream of His consciousness. Heavy, I know, but this has been a 35 (11/24/2011) year journey.

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