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You Can Change Yourself Today!

Change is just a decision so changing yourself can begin with one small change. For this post, I have chosen several links about reinventing yourself. Choose one and change yourself today.

10 Life Lessons for Reinventing Yourself

Tips for “Reinventing Yourself” as You Get Older

Reinventing Yourself—this is a great 20 page PDF file but I don’t know who wrote it. The only clue on the file says Ibarra-CH1 4th  9/24/02. I would be happy to print an author if someone knows this author.

Reinvent Yourself—Take the First Step

Five Ways Web Professionals Should Be Proactive in a Recession by one of my favorite bloggers, Jeremiah Owyang.

Another great source is Mashable: The Social Media Guide. Dan Schawbel Writes: 10 Ways Personal Branding Can Save you From Getting Fired.

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Expect Trouble and Hold Your Head Up High

“If I were asked to give what I consider the single most useful bit of advice for all humanity, it would be this: Expect trouble as an inevitable part of life, and when it comes, hold your head high, look it squarely in the eye and say, “I will be bigger that you. You cannot defeat me.” Then repeat to your­self the most comforting of all words, “This too shall pass.” Maintaining self-respect in the face of a devastating experience is of prime importance.” Ann Landers

Recovery is a spiritual journey. I believe we are souls with a human body. On my 40th birthday I decided that I could take it with me. I could take my soul with me when I die. That was my conscious recognition of what would be the main theme for the rest of my life. Having had a spiritual awakening in January, 1977, I have sought to do God’s will for my life since then.

Having said that, I also recognize that many people who need recovery relief in their lives are turned off by spiritual guidance per say. So I have chosen to create an online addiction recovery center as a center for help, guidance, and direction.

In this, my 32nd year of sobriety, and at the present age of 68 years, I am going through the hardest life experience I have ever had. I have decided to use my energy to move forward with my life. So I don’t spend time with any magical thinking to run away from reality. I have no job. I have spent the past four years writing which has culminated in 6 blogs. But I am receiving no income from them.

I have few readers due to many factors, I’m sure. So I am rereading the master bloggers that I read and love (see yesterday’s post “The Best Help”).  From them I learn how to move forward in the blogging world.

One of the suggestions that I read was to combine two ideas together. I noticed several years ago that people who have changed the world with their creativity have combined an old product with a new twist. Ray Croc didn’t invent hamburgers. But he combined hamburgers with a clean environment. Who has not gone to McDonalds for the clean restrooms?

So I am combining my love of learning and teaching about our inner children (mislabeled as our inner child) with solutions for living in the real world. I will be adding healing direction with the problems each of us faces daily. I hope this will help others as much as it will help me.

I learned fifty years ago, if you want to learn about something, teach it. Teaching provides the vehicle for my sharing with the world. Not coincidentally, I have returned to the Twelve Step meetings with a much greater frequency. I know that nothing outside my self can heal me. So I begin the journey to my new self. She is waiting inside me and needs to be extra protected now.

God is good and is my constant companion and guide. I used to feel like I was the clay and He was the potter. Now I feel that I am in the stream of His consciousness. Heavy, I know, but this has been a 35 (11/24/2011) year journey.

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Reflecting About Decisions Made and Progress Earned

6362838763_79c4c03f53_zThis is a repost from Grace-WorkinProgress from Letting Go-Finding Hope through Al-Anon: “My story–A moment of reflection–I am not afraid”:

“In my mind I have been on my own forever. The loss of my mother naturally left me to emotionally fend for myself and the loss of my father emotionally left me with only the person in the mirror to be the judge, jury and executioner.

I became hard as nails being on my own at such an early age. I didn’t have much empathy for others or myself because of the hand I felt I had been dealt. Life reflected my insides by giving me one harsh reality after another. I lived life preparing for the worst and I got it. Just to reinforce my idea that life was unfair.When I was at my lowest I surrendered just like Step One states I was broken and my way wasn’t working. I had met the alcoholic of my dreams and later my nightmares. I had trusted another to be my God and we all know how that works out.The program gave me the means to identify how I participated in creating this nightmarish life. I did everything they told me to do and in the beginning went to every meeting I could find. The transformation was remarkable and in six months I was able to turn things over and not worry so much or be so hard on myself or other people.

After three years I met someone and we merged our lives and I got an opportunity to practice these principles in all my affairs. In my effort to keep from repeating my past I worked hard to stay autonomous.I was happy for awhile but something was missing in the relationship, I think is was me. I thought what I had learned was live and let live but I took it too far and fell back into the being isolated emotionally and picked someone that was the same. There was no vulnerability or even emotion of any kind. Hey it felt good to me after living with the emotional roller coaster of a life with active alcoholism.

I did everything I thought I was suppose to do. That is an important sentence. I didn’t get any feedback so I just did what seemed like the logical thing to do. You can live a long time together when two people are happy without emotion. I had only known pain most of my life so it felt pretty good to coast.

But it did finally run it’s course and there I was left to deal with only myself. I didn’t lose myself in another person, but the other person filled my life so I didn’t have to grow emotionally anymore.

I feel that I orchestrate change subliminally in my life. I drown out the voice of my spirit with busyness but eventually when I stop to catch my breath the dullness and lack of joy in my life comes to the surface and a dramatic change takes place.

This is happening to me now. The difference is that it feels good to me. It doesn’t feel like it is a mountain I will have to climb it just feels life freedom to move my life from dullness to joy.

My spirit is at the wheel. It has silenced the logical side that requires me to always prepare for the worst. I can feel that peace once again the peace I felt when I entered the program but this time it isn’t from trusting the old man in the sky it is from trusting spirit of God within me. The one that has been waiting for me to listen and the one that isn’t afraid.’