Emotional Health Determines Our Physical Health

Emotional health is directly connected to our physical health. Choosing healthy ways (exercise, meditation, centering, and deep breathing) to deal with stress go far toward our overall health. The mind-body connection is the way your body responds to how you think, feel and act.

Some of the physical signs that your body and mind may be out of connection are chest pain, headaches, back pain, extreme tiredness, high blood pressure, upset stomach, weight loss or gain, insomnia, etc. Many of these ailments may be helped by learning how to improve your emotions. Learn how to sort out the following emotions: anxiety, stress and sadness.

Too many of us have learned as children to stuff our feelings. Emotional growth only comes after we accept our feelings. Feelings aren’t good or bad or wrong or right. They are simply how we feel. Some people are helped by writing in a journal a short description of how they feel. After you accept your feelings, you can study healthy ways to deal with them.

Unfortunately, many people now believe that they have to continually “vent” all their feelings. In my opinion, vending feelings about the same situation does little good after the first ventings. If, once your feelings are known about a situation to all involved in the situation and everything stays the same, then learn new coping skills such as reframing to change the way you feel.

Remember, you can only change yourself—not others. If you still feel unable or unwilling to change—find out what your unhappiness is giving you. Holding on to old hurts only hurts us.

I have spend 30 years researching, enjoying, and implementing self-help, exercise, diet, food program, spiritual, emotional, mental, psychology and addiction books.  These books are contained in our High Energy Life  Library.

However, we are more focused on holistic healing—helping others to develop mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. So the High Energy Life Library includes the books I have found that have proved to be significant to become my “textbooks”.

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How I plan to use Apple’s HealthKit and other fitness-tracking apps to help save my life


I am starting to research food as medicine for depression so will be collecting posts about health.

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I am morbidly obese.

It’s an odd way of phrasing it. Medically, not only am I fat, but, I’m fat enough it could kill me. I’ve written in the past about how Apple products improve my quality of life. This time I’m writing about how I hope Apple products will help save mine.

My battle with weight

I wasn’t always fat. I had a decent metabolism when I was young and I grew up in an age where the only way a kid got around was either on your bike or walking. In college, I went to school in downtown Boston and would usually forgo taking the MBTA and walk the 1.5 miles each way from school to the Back Bay commuter train station.

Once I left school, I started going through life as a sedentary human began. With a combination of no willpower and easy access to unhealthy…

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